Applied Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

Applied Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

The human body is the most complex thing in the universe (that we know of!), and you are the proud owner of one!

This six week course with Adrian Kingsley-Hughes will take a tour of this superb biological machine, looking at what makes you move, what makes you tick, why you might do various yoga poses, and how to take care of your body when things go wrong.

But don't worry! This isn't going to be some boring "sit down and pay attention" class. You'll get to go on a fun journey of discovery!

We start 11th January and finish 15th February 2021 and you can attend the live classes 6pm-8.30pm (UK time) or catch up on recordings later.

This is perfect for both yogis and yoga teachers who want to improve their understanding of the human body, and help get the most out of their time on the mat.

Who is Adrian?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is a life-long movement enthusiast (but also knows what it's like to spend too much time sitting). 

"When I was young I liked pumping iron and rugby. Then I had kids, needed to work hard at a desk... and just got too busy!

"Then in my 30s I rediscovered my body and got back into weights, but then I ended up injured in my shoulders and elbows. So I took a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist course, which gave me a better understanding of body mechanics.

"I got into yoga about four years ago. I'm not a very flexible person and that's both protected me from injuries but also meant I never really gave much thought to 'stretching'.

"I thought I would hate yoga because I'm not stretchy and bendy. I did hate it in the beginning, but I soon came to feel the benefits: more flexibility and less tightness and irritation in my joints."

Adrian's focus in every yoga class he teaches is to get people moving and breathing in a way that can help them live an active, pain-free life.

He firmly believes that it's more important for people to be able to walk and reach into cupboards and pick up their kids or grandkids than it is to be able to do fancy moves like handstands and wheel.

This "Applied Anatomy for Yoga" course is where Adrian will share the anatomical understanding that underpin how he teachers yoga.

You'll experience a mixture of lectures, yoga, and movement practices, all centred on your experience of your own body, your very own anatomy and physiology!

This course is for yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainees and keen yogis who are keen to know more.

It's not suitable if you are after a more flowery approach to yoga or just want do some advanced yoga practices: there will be a component of practice in the course but it will be focussed on simple and accessible movement.

We start Tuesday 11th of January 2022.

There will be six sessions, each running 6pm-8.30pm, with classes delivered through Zoom, with recordings available afterwards.

So you won't miss out if you can't attend live, and you'll be able to review the material at your leisure for up to a year after the course.

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7 Modules

The Human Body: An Owner’s Guide

We've each got a body! In this session we will look at how the human body is ut together and what makes it tick!

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