Deepen Your Yoga Course

Four part course exploring what yoga is, how it works in the body, how classes are created, and how everything is energy. Join anytime.

I'm Claire Mace and I'm a Senior Yoga Teacher based in Anglesey, North Wales.

I've been doing yoga for over 20 years and teaching classes for 10 years. I specialise in yoga that gets you stronger and more supple, and reduces your stress and anxiety. I teach everyone from stiff beginners to would-be yoga teachers.

Yoga classes in the UK and the US are mostly led by people (like me) who don’t have an understanding of the ancient Sanskrit language and have not spent an extended time in that culture.

Aspects of yoga are ancient; many aspects are not all that ancient!

Actually...  let’s be honest: modern yoga is something that has evolved through a hot New Age mess of cultural appropriation and shallow understandings.

Yet, somehow, lotus flowers grow out of the murkiness and mud.

That’s one of the reasons I’ve created this course to honour and enquire into these important, and sometimes tangly, questions around yoga.

My “Deepen Your Yoga” course spans four modules

  • Four full length intermediate level yoga classes
  • Four dharma talks and discussions on various aspects of yoga to deepen your practice and understanding

We touch into the nature of the soul and life force, how to sequence your yoga self practice, and the risks of being too bendy.

There are rarely easy answers. But it’s good to sit with the questions. 

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5 Modules

Philosophy - Atman

In module 1, we explore connecting to the divine within.  We'll do that experientially through a full length yoga class, then there's a discussion with journalling questions.

Pranayama - Life Force

In module 2, we explore the relationship between breath and life force, through a full length yoga class, then a discussion with journalling questions.

Anatomy - Stretching

Module 3 is about experiential anatomy. We'll explore the difference between stretching and lengthening in a full length yoga class, then delve deeper into talking about anatomy.

Sequencing - Self-practice

In this last module we play with self-practice and a couple of approaches to sequencing self-practice: either through planning or intuition. There's a led practice, followed by a discussion and exercises.

Modules for this service 5
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