Virtual Yoga Vault Abs Challenge Build Up Slowly and Simply - 10 minutes

Build Up Slowly and Simply - 10 minutes

This class is perfect if you want a beginner-friendly way to slowly and simply strengthen your abs. If you are looking for a hardcore sweaty gym-type sit-up session, this won’t be it. It’s also not suitable if you are pregnant.

You will need a yoga mat (or a blanket) and a wide yoga block (or a cushion). Make sure you are practicing in a suitable environment with space around you to move.

Listen to your body’s needs: do this session in a way that feels good to you and give yourself permission to modify or skip anything that’s not appropriate for you today. 

About me: I’m Claire and I’ve taught over 5,000 hours of yoga. I train everyone from stiff beginners to would-be yoga teachers. I have taken my 10 years of real-life yoga teaching experience and applied it to creating live Zoom classes and pre-recorded videos, content that is helping people keep strong and supple, and reduce stress and pain.

Doing this class is at your own risk, subject to and governed by UK law, and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Wales and England.

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