Adrian's Stop the Scroll

Adrian's Stop the Scroll

I’m Adrian and I'm not just a yoga teacher: I’ve been teaching people about the benefits and pitfalls of technology and social media for 25 years.

That’s why I’m curious about how we can bring more mindfulness and awareness to our relationships with the phone, tablets and computers that are part of our lives.

STOP THE SCROLL is 5 short videos about getting mindful - in a non judgey way - about your relationship to technology.

Expect simple yoga and some tech tips. So you can be in control of your tech toys… not controlled by them.

If you feel like you have your tech habit under control, you probably don’t need this.

But if you are secretly worried about how the scroll dominates your life and want some non-judgemental tips on changing that, then this is for you (and you can share this one with your scroll-aholic friends too).

You can expect more of this kind of thing at my regular yoga classes (find out the times at )

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